11 April 2012

Fearless Driving Tips

Driver Seating Position

  • Sit as high as you can without your head touching the roof of the car.
  • Bring your seat forward until when you press the brakes, your knee will be bent slightly. Straight knee means you are sitting too far away.
  • With arms stretched, rest your hand to the top of the steering wheel, and your wrist should rest on the steering wheel, and your shoulder fully supported by the seat back. Lower your hands to the steering wheel, your elbow should be slightly bent.
  • Wear your safety belts.

Hand Position

Practical Driving
This module shall cover practical driving methods to handle all driving scenarios, using the following concept:

  • Awareness – using your mirrors, being aware
  • Space – concept of maintaining empty space around your vehicle
  • Speed – concept for right speed, right situation
  • Sight – Line of Vision
  • Stupid – Expect other drivers to be
"Use ASSS*, because everyone else is"
Awareness – Blind Spots
Be aware of your vehicle's blind spots. Blind spots are the views where your mirrors cannot reach. Therefore if you are to make a lane change or any maneuvers that require you to merge into a main road; you should turn your head to look over your shoulder to see if there is any obstruction in your vehicle blind spot. Do not trust your mirrors.

Awareness – Mirror Mirror on the Car

  • Adjust your seating position
  • Adjust your mirrors
  • Adjust till side of own car not visible - Visibility extends to blind spot area

Awareness – Be Seen
Awareness applies to yourself too..

  • Make other road users aware of your presence
  • Gentle horn
  • Turn Signals
  • Speeding Up
  • Slowing Down
  • Lights High Beam
Space – Be An Island
Maintain an empty space around your vehicle as a space buffer
Front, Side, Rear

Maintain a 'Space Cushion'

Avoid being in blind spot of other vehicles


  • Use of speed correctly
  • Slowing Down
    • Approach to junctions/traffic lights
    • When exiting highways
    • When conditions are not ideal, ex. rain
  • Speeding Up
    • When merging onto highways
    • When overtaking
Sight – Line of Vision
Line of Vision As You Drive
  • Aim High
  • Scan Around
  • Towards end of bends
Line Of Vision
Look as FAR ahead as possible

Stupid – Because Everyone Else Is

  • Always Be Prepared to Expect the Worst
  • Looking Ahead
    • Look for Potential Problems
    • Plan to Avoid It
    • Solve It
Highway/Trunk Road Driving

  • This module covers practical driving methods for highway/trunk road driving
  • Using the 'ASSS' method, with specifics to driving on highway
    • Lane discipline
    • Using the mirrors frequently
    • Looking Ahead for Hazards
Lane Discipline

  • Avoid being a road hog
    • Move to left lane to allow faster vehicles overtake

  • Use mirrors to check for traffic
    • Every 10 seconds

  • Looking ahead for hazards
    • Look through car ahead
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