31 March 2012

Maklumat Tambahan P3-21A a.k.a Pre've

New Proton Sedan - Proton Persona Elegance Replacement Model - Proton Concept Model, Proton Tuah - P3-21A Price & Spec Latest Info

P3-21A and Persona Demo @ "Power Of 1" event at Bukit Jalil

Official Price (effectively on 14 Mac 2012):

Color Available:

Solid White - Normal Proton Solid White
Blue Lagoon - As P3-21A picture below
Fire Red - Same like current Proton Saga FLX 1.6CVT SE & previous Proton Gen 2 CPS
Tranquility Black - Normal Proton Metallic Black
Genetic Silver - Normal Proton Metallic Silver
Elegant Brown - As current Proton Saga FLX 1.3


Brake Assist & Traction Control
Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
4 Airbags
Established Safety Rating
Hot Press Materials
Active Head Rest
Anti Trap Power Window

1.6 CFE Turbo Engine comparable to 2.0L engine
205 Nm Torque (best in class)
7 Speed Protronic Gearbox
Paddle Shifter (Sport Mode)
CVT and 'S' Mode Transmission
'Pay As You Go'
Proton Ride & Handling

Styling & Comfort
Bold with Aerodynamic Silhouette, Spacious Leg Room
Climate Control Air Conditioning
Auto Cruise
Smart Info Display
Auto Trunk Lid Unlock
Water Repellant Seat

Affordable Maintenance Cost
Lowest Initial Cost (against competitors) 
Features pack
289 Service Centers nationwide   

WATING PERIOD: 1 to 2 months

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